Flex your FitBit stats using OAuth 2 authentication and Talend

By Talend Team

We’re back with another Job of the Week – but this time, we’re taking a step back to cover a concept we’ve skipped over in previous segments: OAuth2 authentication. Richard’s demonstrations often show simpler shortcuts to accessing data – but these shortcuts may not always be practical in real-world examples. 

Never fear! We’ll arm you with the know-how you need to make your data hacks just as impressive in real life. And, because we’re feeling generous, we’re giving you a 2-part series (hold your applause).  


Today, Richard will walk us through how to use OAuth2 authentication with – you guessed it – a Talend job. Part 2 will put your skills to use while accessing your FitBit data. Ready? Let’s warm up. 

What is OAuth 2.0?  

Short for “Open Authorization”, Oauth2.0 allows users to share specific data with an application while keeping their usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information private. IE: an application can use OAuth 2.0 to obtain permission from users to store files in their Google Drives. 

As always, download the job here and watch the segment below. Once you've got it down, check out Part 2 to give your new skill a try!  


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