Between 2 Bits: Manipulate your Spotify playlists with the power of Talend

By Talend Team

It’s happened to all of us. You read the word data and your brain slowly tunes out, wading through a pool of lifeless buzzwords and acronyms. Is it pronounced data or data? Why did you read that both ways? We get it! Whether you live or breathe data like us, or you are still dipping your toes in, the concept of how we collect, store, move, and use data is much simpler than it sounds – you’d be surprised how much of your day-to-day already revolves around it.

We love to see the power of data at work. It’s no longer an ominous, overreaching concept that only the tech-literate can access. Instead, we’re bridging that gap between brilliant tech minds and beginners looking for business value to learn how to make our data work FOR us - and maybe even learn something fun along the way.  

Our newest podcast, Between Two Bits, includes a golden nugget at the end of every episode. Talend's own Richard Hall hosts the segment “Job of the Week" (yes, new title suggestions are welcome) – showing you fun ways to use data for maximum good, minimal evil, and maybe even some bragging rights.  Richard started with a party trick using Talend Open Studio and Spotify.

I built this to allow friends to change the song at a party via Twitter – but we won’t get that complicated today.
— Richard Hall, Head of Community, Talend

Watch the tutorial here - and make sure you have Talend Open Studio!   

TIP: Don’t hesitate to look up a term you aren’t familiar with! Keep a list as you go through this video, and watch that list shrink the more you practice. 

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Between 2 Bits dives into the hottest of hot topics in data and technology like shadow IT, cloud technology, the right way to structure data teams, and why everyone loves their favorite local IT sysadmin. 

In this week’s episode, join our hosts for a discussion about all things shadow IT: why it happens, what can make it dangerous, why some think it’s necessary, and above all, is there a solution that can make everybody happy? 

Just how big of a deal is shadow IT, really? Will downloading that piece of data integration software that’s not been approved by IT provide a path to faster, better data analytics, or bring the whole company crashing down in a storm of security and regulatory non-compliance challenges? 

Plus, you can learn how to do more cool stuff with Talend on every episode’s Job of the Week segment.