Talend Updates Data Fabric to Unlock Analytics Potential of SAP Data

New Support for SAP in Talend Data Fabric Simplifies Integration between Back-end Systems, Enterprise Applications & External Data Sources

Redwood City, CA - April 16, 2018 - Talend, a global leader in cloud and big data integration solutions, today unveiled significant updates to Talend Data Fabric that allow customers to unlock data stored in SAP systems for analytical insights, maximizing their SAP investments. Expanding upon Talend’s current support for SAP, the new capabilities help customers easily and quickly combine existing SAP data with other enterprise applications and external big data sources, then offload it to data lakes or data warehouses—either on premises or in the cloud—to run big data scenarios.

“As organizations amass a greater volume and variety of data, they need a simple, cost-effective way to gain insights across all enterprise information – wherever it resides – for long-term success in the digital economy,” said Ashley Stirrup, CMO, Talend. “SAP is a highly functional software platform currently used by 87% of the FORTUNE Global 2000. However, typically special expertise is needed to create a connection between SAP and third-party systems. Now, Talend Data Fabric can help companies sidestep this skill gap by delivering a fast and easy way to harness the power of SAP data for analysis, improving business insight and operations.”

The need for solutions that integrate disparate data is significant. In fact, a recent HBR study found that 55 percent of a company’s data is not accessible. SAP systems are designed for transactional processing, but getting the right data into SAP to perform such transactions can often be a challenge. Additional barriers can arise when companies try to extract information from SAP systems to support reporting, dashboards, or analytics. For example, when:

  • Synchronizing customer data from SAP ERP with other CRMs such as Salesforce
  • Integrating SAP data with third-party suppliers or partner systems
  • Migrating SAP data to a data warehouse or data lake for analytics or to run big data scenarios

To help customers overcome these hurdles, Talend Data Fabric now includes more sophisticated SAP connectors and components to support more enterprise-grade use cases. Talend’s new SAP support capabilities include:

  • SAP Bulk Extraction allows customers to pull large amounts of batch big data out of SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA and migrate it to other systems or applications for use in big data scenarios.
  • A native ELT push down feature enables customers to benefit from the in-memory processing power of SAP HANA, significantly speeding up application performance without the need to be an ABAP expert.
  • A Business Content Extractor (in tech preview) delivers semantic views on top of SAP data sources, making that information more readily accessible. It also allows customers to integrate with SAP Business Warehouses without needing external logic.
  • Access to SAP HANA Calculation Views enables customers to work with composite snapshots and perform complex calculations, dramatically simplifying the data modeling process.

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