Kiloutou implements self-service and governed data platform based on Talend Cloud and Snowflake

France’s second-largest industrial and construction equipment rental company leverages cloud data warehouse to help business units identify value-added opportunities and create new innovative services

Redwood City, Calif. and Suresnes, France - November 28, 2019 - Talend, a global leader in cloud data integration and data integrity, today announced that Kiloutou Group, the 4th  largest European rental company and a major player in the rental of equipment in France is using Talend Cloud to power its data platform for business units. Talend Cloud provides reliable, real-time data to business departments within Kiloutou’s organization to enable access to data and conduct analysis, and thus detect new business opportunities. Talend integrates data into a Snowflake cloud-based data warehouse, which adds value to Kiloutou's businesses.

To empower business departments by providing them with real-time data, Kiloutou has initiated a "Data for Business" project. This provides a unique, modern, agile, high-performance, and secure data platform that offers a new data experience. The new architecture makes it possible to empower businesses, including sales administration, management control, or logistics operations, in all types of commercial and exploratory analyses via data visualization tools, and then to disseminate information to group managers.

"Our strategy is to transform data and information into competitive business advantages, bringing data as close as possible to the business lines. Having trusted information in real-time means being able to offer the right equipment at the best price and thus optimize our revenues," said Arnaud Maton, Head of Data Management, IT Group at Kiloutou. "With Talend, we have developed a new, modern, real-time, high-performance, and completely secure database that allows different businesses to access data at any time, regardless of volume, format, source, and time. We now have a single unified platform to integrate all the data used by our business divisions."

Kiloutou has implemented a radical change in its architecture by migrating its historical on-site database to a data warehouse in the cloud on Snowflake with Talend Cloud. As an integration platform-as-a-service (IPaaS), Talend cloud helps to address Kiloutou's expectations in terms of scalability, performance, and security, and to free itself from installation, update, or migration constraints. Talend securely connects to all types of data, in the cloud or on-site, regardless of the formats and volumes managed. Talend also guarantees data quality, ensuring that formats are consistent between different systems. Thus, within Kiloutou, Talend is gradually becoming the component for inter-application data exchange for the entire information system, in addition to the existing business APIs management architecture.

To optimize sales management, Kiloutou has implemented a new process for analyzing the pricing data of equipment rental. It analyzes many factors, such as the location of the booking, stock situation, customer's typology, and purchasing history. Talend now integrates all of this data into the Snowflake data warehouse, which represents more than 10 million records per day. On the business side, analysts can now adjust prices to reflect these different trends better, implement complete and accurate predictive models to optimize revenues, and quickly trigger sales action plans if problems are identified.

Kiloutou also achieved significant improvements in its financial management, particularly for financial controllers, who now benefit from near-real-time analysis for the validation of monthly accounts.

"All companies in all sectors are experiencing unprecedented change. Leaders will be the organizations that will be able to leverage the value of data and make more data-based decisions," said Jacques Padioleau, Vice President of Sales France at Talend. "By migrating its data integration and analysis capabilities to the cloud, Kiloutou is undergoing a real transformation and gaining a competitive advantage. We are very pleased to be able to support Kiloutou in its mission to provide its business departments with reliable, real-time data for better decision making."

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