Databricks Integration

Process data at massive scale.

Quickly develop and scale Spark projects in the cloud using existing skills.

Focus on delivering high performance analytics and value to the business. Spend less time on DevOps. With Spark Serverless, there is no need to provision and manage servers.

Process Data at Scale and in Budget

Talend and Databricks

Reduce cost of data processing by up to 80%.

Respond to business needs in real time, get elasticity at runtime, and automatically scale up and down. Ask more from your IT budget by leveraging spot instances and never paying for idle servers.

Talend Integration with Databricks

Easily turn massive amounts of data into trusted insights at cloud scale.

Easily design and deploy Spark data processing, complex transformations and machine learning jobs in the cloud. It’s never been simpler to submit a Spark job.

Modern Data Engineering in the Cloud

Trusted Insights from Talend

Delta Lake

Support for Delta Lake (tech preview)

Seamlessly integrate data to and from Delta Lake, leveraging its ACID compliance, time travel (data versioning), and unified batch and streaming processing. Empower Delta Lake users with comprehensive data quality and governance to support machine learning and advanced analytics.

Support for Delta Lake

What Our Customers Say

“As part of our cloud data platform strategy, we rely on Databricks and Talend to help us run data engineering projects at huge scale using the best Spark analytics engine and an easy-to-use interface. High velocity data from our sensors and enterprise systems are used to help us make real-time decisions on maintenance, monitoring and asset management. This modern approach enables us to break down silos and better monetize data to help run our energy operations more efficiently.”

René Greiner, Vice President, Enterprise Data Integration, Uniper

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