Cloud Data Lakes

Build an agile data lake with a modern architecture.

AWS, Talend, and Cognizant

Open Data Lakes for the Enterprise

The Open Data Lakes for the Enterprise solution combines AWS elastic infrastructure, Talend big data integration software, and preconfigurations from Cognizant to deliver production-ready big data capabilities up to 3 times faster than a typical data lake.

  • Get up and running on AWS in minutes and evaluate in days with a Data Lake on AWS Quick Start from Cognizant and Talend
  • Deliver value more quickly with Cognizant’s preconfigured data sources and DevOps best practices for rapid data ingestion and QA automation
  • Cut the learning curve and boost productivity using Talend visual tools, native connectors and components, and self-service data tools

    Data Lake on AWS Quick Start

  • Architect an Open Data Lake for the Enterprise

    Accelerate data offload from legacy systems and deliver clean, trusted data across the organization with an open data lake. Preconfigured implementation best practices from Cognizant, Talend’s 900+ high performance native connectors and components, and a flexible pay-as-you-go elastic infrastructure from Amazon enable you to achieve flexibility and scale for big data without the high risk, high cost of on-premises installations.

    Architecting an Open Data Lake for the Enterprise

    Power Up Your Cloud Data Lake

    Make big data projects more agile and flexible by enabling a fast, easy way to a cloud data lake. With the Open Data Lakes for Enterprise solution, you can deliver access to historical and real-time data for advanced analytics and new insights. With appropriate data quality and governance processes in place, your entire organization can become more productive with easy, secure access to data.

    "Using Talend and AWS, we were able to easily ingest all our data into the cloud in less than six months. Our estimates indicated doing this type of project on-premises would have taken over a year.”

    - Eric Anderson, Executive Director Data, Beachbody

    Beachbody Case Study

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