Cloud Data Lakes

Build an agile data lake with a modern architecture.

Ingest any data at any speed.

Connect to thousands of data sources in minutes with pre-built components. Incorporate any kind of data: structured or unstructured, on-prem or cloud, batch or real-time.

Data Lakes: Purposes, Practices, Patterns, and Platforms

Process data at scale on any cloud.

Harness the power of Spark and serverless processing for advanced data transformations including complex B2B mapping, data masking, machine learning and data quality, and run on any cloud.

Architecting an Open Data Lake for the Enterprise

Provide access to data you can trust.

Enable more users to find and access accurate, clean data with built-in collaborative data governance and a data catalog.

Best Practices for Building a Cloud Data Lake You Can Trust

Build a cloud data lake you can trust.

Learn how one company processes 10 million rows of data in under an hour with its cloud data lake.

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Migrate your data to a data lake easily.

Find out how to reduce development time and increase DevOps efficiency with secure access to trusted data.

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