Microsoft Azure Cloud Integration

Speed development of cloud data warehousing, data lakes, and real-time analytics

The Microsoft Azure ecosystem, combined with Talend’s rich Azure component support, enables firms to quickly integrate all their on-premises and cloud data. With Talend, developing your Azure cloud integration pipelines just became more affordable, productive, and faster.

Scale-Out Cloud Data Warehousing

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a fully-managed, petabyte scale cloud data warehouse. Easily migrate your on-premises SQL server data and stored procedures to the cloud using Talend graphical integration tools and native Azure SQL Data Warehouse connector. Transform, profile, and cleanse all your on-premises and cloud data using Talend’s 900+ drag-and-drop components.


Accelerate the Cloud Data Lake

Talend and Azure provide the most efficient way to create, fill, manage, and use a data lake. Talend generates native Spark and Spark machine learning integration jobs so you can build smart, big data pipelines that analyze more information to make the best decisions and predict future outcomes. Fast track your data lake project using pre-built components for Azure Data Lake Store, Azure HDInsight, and Azure Blob Storage.

Real-time Analytics

Turn streaming data into real-time insight using Talend and Azure HDInsight. Data from powerful internet-scale apps, mobile devices, clickstreams, web logs, social media, and enterprise messaging queues can all be easily integrated, cleansed, and prepared for analysis. Talend’s support for Spark Streaming, Kafka, MQTT, AMQP, Azure Queue Storage, Azure Table Storage, Azure DocumentDB, and JSON make it easy to ingest high-velocity, low-latency data without errors.

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