Harness the transformative power of data to better understand customers, build brand loyalty, and optimize operations to boost the bottom line.

Drive business success with data-driven insights

customers and customer service

Develop a customer 360 from all your data sources to better know your customer

Use trusted data gathered from multiple technologies to develop a single view of your customer to improve engagement.

Mobile internet search

Personalize customer experiences with an omnichannel approach

Create unified, customizable experiences across every customer touchpoint, whether in-store, online, or on a mobile device.

Supply chain

Improve operations and supply chain management with up-to-the-minute data

Deliver real-time information to internal and external partners, optimize the supply chain, and maximize your brick and mortar investments.

The digital context creates an increasing demand for product customization. To meet these challenges and innovate, we have deployed new tailor-made digital platforms for L’Oréal researchers, with Talend at the heart, to facilitate the management of more than 50 million pieces of data per day

Philippe Benivay, IS Experimental Data Intelligence - L'Oréal R&I IT Team

As a fashion retailer, we must sell every article of clothing possible. Talend enables us to react rapidly to changing market conditions. We need it in order to survive

Stefan Rahner, Head of Software Development, Popken Fashion Group

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