Government as a Service (GaaS) improves your ability to serve citizens better than ever before with the three C’s of data: clean, comprehensive, and credible.

Achieve your mission with data-driven insights

Exceed evolving citizen expectations

Improve the experience for citizens across every touchpoint with customized, predictable interactions based on trusted data.

data protection and compliance

Comply with data protection legislation

Identify and protect sensitive data to comply with existing and emerging global data protection regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and more.

Increase agility with data integration

Build integrations faster and incorporate new technology more easily, achieving the mission by putting more data to work.

Every application used by the Gendarmerie and the Police requiring or producing data runs through Talend

Commander Christophe Tedesco, Head of National Security Technology and IT Department), French National Gendarmerie

Our mission is to help and protect people. Talend helps us meet that goal, painting a single view of a child or family at risk.

Jon Leggatt, Information Solutions Manager, Oxfordshire County Council

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