Cloud API Tester

Test and automate your REST APIs

Make API testing incredibly easy

Visually create and execute single API requests as well as complex scenarios with the most popular REST client available as a Chrome extension. Automate the execution of your API tests and scenarios with our CI/CD plugin. Cloud API Tester automatically updates itself and can be opened in one or several browser tabs.

Test the behavior of any API.

API Tester lets you perform many sorts of API response tests such as on the value of headers, parts of the body or response time, helping you check that your API is behaving as specified, or confirming how well third-party APIs are responding.  Several environments can also be created including variables to increase the reusability of your tests.

Simulate complex API scenarios.

You can combine multiple API requests into complex scenarios. Data can be passed from one response to the next request, creating functional scenarios that simulate real usage of an API by a frontend, a mobile application or any HTTP client.

Integrate API testing in your CI/CD toolchain.

When your API testing is part of a continuous delivery process, API Tester can integrate natively with (CI/CD) solutions like Jenkins, Travis CI or Circle CI. Thanks to our Maven plugin and native GitHub integration, your scenarios are continuously pushed and tested as part of your DevOps toolchain, improving the quality of your APIs.

Make API testing collaborative and fun.

API Tester lets you store test projects securely in the cloud and open them from anywhere. You can share projects with your team members and collaborate; for example QA testers can define scenarios and developers bind them to actual API endpoints. API tests can also be imported from Postman Collections, OAS contracts, (fka Swagger) or HAR files.

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