Cloud API Designer

Design and Document your REST APIs

Make API development simple.

Forget about manually writing OpenAPI Specification (OAS, fka Swagger) or RAML code. Visually and collaboratively edit your API contracts, automatically mock and document them, push them to GitHub, generate server skeletons and client SDKs.

Edit your API contract visually.

With API Designer, you visually design and document every aspect of your REST API contract: endpoints, resources, operations and representations. Express several variants of a representation to support content negotiation between any number of formats such as JSON, YAML or XML. Split larger contracts into sections and text elements can be inserted anywhere to facilitate their documentation.

Mock your API implementation.

 Activate the mocking feature while editing your API contract in API Designer, which will automatically simulate the API implementation based on its contract. Make it easier to get your API consumers involved with validating your APIs with mocks hosted in Talend cloud and always in sync with your API contract. 

Generate your API reference documentation.

 API Designer automatically and instantly generates API reference documentations for you. You can easily document an existing API by importing OAS (fka Swagger) or RAML files or you can simply start from scratch and retro-document your API definitions manually. API reference documentations are hosted on Talend Cloud and can be shared privately or publicly and can be immediately tested using API Tester.

Collaborate with your team on API contracts.

Replace existing copy with: API Designer runs fully inside any modern web browser. It lets you store your API projects in the cloud, open them from anywhere, and share projects with other team members and collaborate over API contracts. Since API Designer is integrated with GitHub, which makes it easy to push your API contract to version control, perhaps as part of a DevOps workflow.

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