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Radiant Advisors discusses the emergence of the Lakehouse and ensuring trusted data

A Lakehouse is an emerging architecture pattern that combines the best of data lakes and data warehouses on a single platform. It provides a single solution for all data workloads and supports use cases from streaming analytics to BI, data science, and AI.

Companies are transforming their legacy and cloud platforms and moving data into this architecture. As part of this process, they need to know that the massive amounts of data they are leveraging is healthy data. What is healthy data? It is data that is trusted. Leaders know its origins, can follow its path through a data lifecycle and can audit who has touched it with confidence.

CEOs and CFOs need to confirm that financial reports are accurate. CMOs need to ensure good investments. Chief Compliance Officers need to ensure that the company is following all relevant rules and regulations.

Watch the on-demand webinar, featuring John O’Brien, CEO and Principal Advisor at Radiant Advisors; Nauman Fakhar, Director Solution Architecture at Databricks; and Cameron Davie, Sr. Solution Architect at Talend. This panel of industry experts will show how leading organizations use data and operations to answer the hardest questions in data health:

  • What data is in my lakehouse? 
  • Where did my data come from? 
  • Who is using it — and how? 
  • Is my data healthy?

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