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In these uncertain times, critical decisions cannot be put off because of bad data. As a business leader, you need the right data right now.

The problem is that working with data can be difficult without the right tools. Many companies struggle with getting access to complete, clean, and credible data for a myriad of reasons: the sheer volume of data, the number of systems in which data live, as well as the reality of poor data quality.

Join us for a 3-part series that will feature customers, industry and product experts providing insights into how these challenges can be overcome.

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Part 1: Boost your KPIs with the Three Cs of Good Data

According to Gartner*, bad data quality costs organizations an average of $11.8M per year.  After this session, you’ll come away with a solid understanding of how working with only clean, complete and compliant data can help you meet and exceed your business-critical KPIs.

Part 2: Why a Data Intelligence Platform is Key to Fast, Credible Decision-Making

Business lives and dies by fast decisions backed up by trusted data. Whoever acts first – and accurately – wins. Attend this session to learn how the Talend platform can provide credible data that can help you see around corners, anticipate new challenges, and take advantage of new opportunities faster than ever.

Part 3: How to Reduce Risk with Governed, Trusted Data

The fines for violating industry compliance regulations can be costly, but the cost of customer confidence is fatal. In this third and final webinar in the series, we’ll discuss how to protect your customer relationships by maintaining their privacy to the highest standard, while easily complying with industry regulations.

* Survey Analysis Data Management, Gartner, 2020

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