Leaving your decisions up to destiny?

It's time to find, understand, and trust your data.

Without access to healthy data, you're just grasping at tea leaves.

Don’t let your data sit on the shelf, gathering magical dust.

A gut feeling can't replace verified, accurate information.

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41%don't have fast access to the right data.
Are you one of them?

1 in 3 companies have reservations about how well employees understand the data they work with.

36% of companies struggle to trust their data. There is a better way.

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  • Find
  • Understand
  • Trust

With Talend, you can finallyfindunderstandtrustyour data.

Talend combines data integration, integrity, and governance in a single, unified platform.

Healthy datacosmic energy gives you the results you want.

  • Modernize your data environment at speed without any risk.
  • Deliver healthy data across your organization.
  • Increase productivity and performance with operational data.
  • Manage and govern all your data with a unified approach.

Thousands of organizations rely on Talend to turn data into business outcomes

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