"With Talend, we aggregate big data on real estate listings to provide better sales results to brokers and agents."

Darren Bailey, Vice President, Technology Solutions & Engineering, MRIS Bright MLS, Inc.

$51B sales

$51 billion in system-wide sales in 2015


100 to 125 million property records

10-15M records

10 to 15 million records loaded into Amazon Redshift

Pioneering property activity analysis

MRIS Bright MLS, Inc., a leading provider of real estate information technology, has embarked on a big data strategy to provide more transparency around what’s happening with real estate listings, such as where they’re being sent and what websites are displaying them.

Using Talend Data Integration AWS, MRIS Bright MLS, Inc. is partnering with Talend and Amazon Web Services. MRIS Bright MLS, Inc. collects and analyzes information from more than 15 data sources such as websites, media outlets, lockbox managers and third parties managing listings to enable real estate professionals to obtain a 360-degree view of the activity on a listing.

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