"Every application used by the Gendarmerie and the Police requiring or producing data runs through Talend"

Commander Christophe Tedesco, Head of National Security Technology and IT Department), French National Gendarmerie

3 TB of data

processed every day

One million identities screened each month

1 to 30 seconds

to return information from dozens of files and hundreds of applications

Simplifying investigations to strengthen French national security

The National Gendarmerie is a branch of the French Armed Forces, consisting of 100,000 men and women tasked with ensuring the peace and safety of French citizens. To carry out its duties, the National Gendarmerie uses hundreds of applications and dozens of files from the National Police, the Ministries of the Interior, the Armed Forces, the Justice Department, and the Environment Department.

Talend has become the orchestra conductor of all inter-application exchanges for security data. From the fight against terrorism to border control, Talend screens a million identities a month and the synthesis arrives in a few seconds. A person rather than the system decides who is qualified to access the data and the overall results are subject to the approval of the Officers of the Judicial Police (OPJ).

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