"Talend and Snowflake are core components of the platform we’ve built to deliver top-tier healthcare data and analytics services."
Sven Junkergard, CTO
more productive with same costs
100-plus TB of data
Onboarded 100-plus TB of data in 3 months
5x more users
Supporting 5x more users at same cost

Finding actionable insights in healthcare big data

Founded in 1990, DRG (Decision Resources Group) has become the premier provider of healthcare analytics, data and insight products and services to the world’s leading pharma, biotech and medical technology companies. The current landscape includes an explosion of healthcare consumer and system data.

After evaluating alternatives, DRG selected Talend and the Snowflake cloud data warehouse as the foundation of its new Real World Data Platform, and worked with Talend Professional Services to implement the cloud solution. With this platform, DRG is tracking the patient journey, the influencers and segmenting the market.