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Calling all digital transformation leaders: join your peers from across the US in New York for Talend Connect and Talend Training Day. Be among the best and the brightest for a full-immersion event in big data and cloud integration.

MAY 7 - 9, 2018
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Training Day

Monday, May 7

Big Data Essentials
DI Developer Exam Prep
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Day 1

Tuesday, May 8

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Wednesday, May 9

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Training Day
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A full day of accelerated, hands-on training or guided exam prep and certification, so you can work faster and smarter!
Talend Training Day offers something for everyone: guided exam prep and certification for experienced developers or accelerated, hands-on training for new developers. Join us on May 7 in New York City for the training you need to work faster and smarter. Choose your track:

  • Big Data Essentials: Go from zero to Big Data on AWS in one day
  • DI Developer Exam Prep: Are you experienced? Get certified.

Course Details:

Big Data Essentials
Go from zero to Big Data on AWS in one day. Designed for developers who are getting started with Talend Studio and Big Data, an experienced Talend instructor will lead you through hands-on practices so you’ll be able to:

  • Create simple jobs using Talend Studio
  • Connect to an Amazon Web Services EMR cluster
  • Create standard Jobs to read and write data on HDFS
  • Create standard Big Data Jobs to process data saved in HDFS

DI Developer Exam Prep
Turn your experience with Talend into certified recognition of your skills. Achieve Talend Certified DI Developer status in one day of guided preparation. An experienced Talend developer will lead you through a review of relevant topics, with hands-on practice in a pre-configured environment. You can take the exam that afternoon or request a voucher for later (a $100 value). What we’ll cover:

  • Working with Schemas
  • Using the tMap component
  • Working with databases
  • Orchestrating components and Jobs
  • Remote repositories
  • Context variables
  • Monitoring and debugging Jobs

Note: This is an intensive review session for Talend developers with at least six months of experience and previous training.

Registration Opens | Continental Breakfast
Welcome and Introduction | Chris Taylor, VP, Corporate Communications
Keynote 1 | Talend Vision
The cloud, machine learning, and self-service technologies are all re-inventing the role of IT and the impact it can have on their business. In this session, Mike will discuss how Talend’s customers can take advantage of market disrupting trends and key technology advances to create new business opportunities.

Mike Tuchen, CEO, Talend
Keynote 2 | Roadmap Overview
The cloud is changing the data landscape with new applications and technology. In this session you will learn about Talend’s 2018 roadmap and how Talend is changing the game for data integration and management to deliver more value to more users across your organization.

Ciaran Dynes, SVP Products, Talend
Keynote 3 | The Future of the Data Driven Enterprise
The future of the data driven enterprise will be defined by how well companies can deliver results in a rapidly changing data environment. In this demonstration, a cast of characters will demonstrate how the business and IT can partner together to deliver trusted data for an enterprise.
Breakout Session 1
VISION TRACK | Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization
Data warehouse architecture has evolved to the cloud with new technologies driving innovation for advanced analytics and lowering cost. In this session you will learn how customers are using Talend Cloud for modernization projects, discover best practices, and learn strategies to create an agile architecture for advanced analytics.

Presenter: Aaron Swanson
TECHNICAL TRACK | Intro to Big Data Processing in the Cloud
For new users, the cloud, Hadoop and Spark can be intimidating. This session will show developers how Talend can simplify much of this process, including ingesting data into Amazon S3 / Google Cloud Storage /Azure Storage, generating and deploying Spark Integration onto EMR / HD Insight / Data Proc, and how to start up, scale and shut down a cloud Hadoop instance.
Breakout Session 2
VISION TRACK | Real-time Gets Real for the Enterprise
Streaming data ingestion drives powerful solutions like real-time analytics. In this session you will learn how to do schema-on-read ingestion, integrate data quality recipes from Talend Data Preparation and see data pipelines that can be designed once and deployed anywhere with Apache Beam.

Presenter: Christophe Toum
TECHNICAL TRACK 1 | Lessons from the Road – Real World Customer Experiences
Hear what your colleagues are doing with Talend. We’ll dig into the architectures, experiences and best practices used by developers at some of Talend’s leading customers, including: what was the problem their business was trying to solve, how did they used Talend to solve it, and what worked, what didn’t and lessons learned.
TECHNICAL TRACK 2 | Preventing Cloud Data Swamps with Data Vaults
The data vault methodology is a great way to avoid turning your data lake into a data swamp. In this session, we’ll explain the basics of a data vault, who is using them and the benefits they’ve received. We’ll show you how to decide if data vault is a good fit for you and how you can implement a data vault with Talend.

Presenter: Mark Balkanende
Breakout Session 3
VISION TRACK | Make Data Better Together
Business can't wait to turn data into insights, pushing past IT restrictions and increasing the risk of bad data creeping in. In this session you will learn how to accelerate data integration, engage a data team to build perfect, trusted and compliant data, and increase data usage and time to insight with smart tools.

Presenters: David Talega with Jean-Michel Franco

TECHNICAL TRACK | Tips and Tricks for handling complex JSON and EDI
This session will walk developers through how they can transform JSON, EDI, HL7, Avro and Parque files using the Talend Data Mapper. This session will cover consuming a complex JSON document to create a relational output dataset and converting a relational data set into a complex JSON document.
Registration Continues | Continental Breakfast
Welcome and Recap | Chris Taylor, VP, Corporate Communications
Steve Singh
Keynote 1 | The Future of Containerization
Learn about the future of containerization and how it can help companies digitally transform their business. As companies leverage the cloud, big data and machine learning, they are realizing that agile software development will need to be a core competency of every organization. Steve will share Docker’s view on the most important industry trends and how they will shape software development.

Steve Singh, CEO, Docker
Breakout Session 1
VISION TRACK | Cloud Deployment with Talend Containerization
Using containers, Talend partners and customers can take advantage of this new approach to dramatically reduce runtime costs and DevOps cycles to increase business agility. In this session you will learn how Talend customers are using containers today, see how containers can be deployed with cloud providers and learn more about the Talend roadmap for this area.

Presenter: Ed Ost
TECHNICAL TRACK 1 | Intro to Machine Learning with Talend
You may not know, but there is a ton of things you can do with Talend and Machine Learning. Come learn how you can collect data, train a machine learning model, and then validate model. Lastly, you’ll learn how to operationalize trained models to start creating insight.
TECHNICAL TRACK 2 | Tips and Tricks for Rest Web Services, oAuth2 and Pagination
Talend customers are increasingly using REST API’s from companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. To do so they need to handle oAuth2 and Pagination. Come learn how this can be accomplished with Talend’s REST components.
Breakout Session 2
VISION TRACK | Turbocharging Data Quality with Machine Learning
Traditional DQ approaches simply can’t keep up with massive data volumes and so many data types. In this session you will learn how to leverage the cloud to deliver data quality across your data pipelines, turn anyone into a data steward with smart software, and cut the costs of cleansing efforts and extract deeper insights with machine learning.

Presenters: Christophe Toum and Jean-Michel Franco
TECHNICAL TRACK | Intro to Data Quality and Stewardship with Talend Cloud
This session will demonstrate the ability to improve data quality using Data Prep and Data Stewardship alongside Talend Studio.
  • • Build a recipe in Talend Data Prep and embed it in an integration job to format and cleanse your data.
  • • Define intervention routes that can be used by Talend Data Stewardship
Breakout Session 3
VISION TRACK | Delivering Data Lake Success with Catalog and Metadata Management
With the rise of data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, governance and compliance are must-have capabilities for data lakes. In this session you will learn how to curate the meaningful data in your data lake, accelerate governance and compliance, and to enable everyone with searchable, trusted datasets.
TECHNICAL TRACK 1 | Best Practices for SDLC and Continuous Integration
Come learn about SLDC best practices and how to use Talend Cloud in each step of the software development life cycle. Topics include: setting up environments, managing connections and promoting assets throughout the lifecycle.
TECHNICAL TRACK 2 | Best Practices for Talend Containerization
Using containers, Talend partners and customers can take advantage of this new approach to dramatically reduce runtime costs and DevOps cycles to increase business agility. In this session you will learn how Talend customers are using containers today, see how containers can be deployed with cloud providers, and learn more about the Talend roadmap for this area.


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