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MAY 7 - 9, 2018
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"Talend CEO @MTuchen kicks off by warning every industry is being disrupted by data-intensive competitors. But - kudos for quickly acknowledging dark side: bad actors are taking advantage of the power of data also."

“#TalendConnect is pushing all the right buttons -containers, serverless, multicloud, machine learning, streaming.”

“All about the data. #talendconnect.”

"Excited for two days of #talendconnect, glad to be part of our sponsorship"

“Learning and networking at #talendconnect”

"Thanks @Talend for the opportunity to interact with customers and get an update on product strategy at #TalendConnect"

"Day 3! Can't wait to start the day #talendconnect"

"Getting ready for the #TalendConnect reception, excited to play some fooseball."

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Congratulations to the people who passed their Certified Developer exam at Talend Connect! Learn more about on-demand training and our updated certification program.

Connect 2018 USA Agenda

Training Day
Day 1
Day 2
Registration and Welcome
Morning Sessions
DI Developer Exam Prep | Part 1: Schemas and Databases
Achieve Talend Certified DI Developer status in one day of guided preparation. An experienced Talend developer will lead you through a review of relevant topics, with hands-on practice in a pre-configured environment. What we’ll cover:
  • • Working with Schemas
  • • Using the tMap component
  • •Working with databases
Big Data Essentials | Part 1: Create and Connect SOLD OUT
Designed for developers who are getting started with Talend Studio and Big Data, an experienced Talend instructor will lead you through hands-on practices so you’ll be able to:
  • • Create simple jobs using Talend Studio
  • • Connect to an Amazon Web Services EMR cluster

Partner Training | Data Prep Cloud
In this session, you will see how users with different profiles can collaborate to improve data quality. You will learn how to use Talend Cloud to:
  • • Clean up data from different sources, such as files and databases
  • • Chain predefined functions in a recipe
  • • Reuse this recipe in Talend Studio using dedicated components.
  • • Trigger execution of Jobs from Data Prep Cloud to create on-demand datasets
Lunch and Networking
Afternoon Sessions
DI Developer Exam Prep | Part 2: Jobs, Repositories, and Variables
An experienced Talend developer will lead you through the following topics. You can take the exam afternoon the review or request a voucher for later (a $100 value).
  • • Orchestrating components and Jobs
  • • Remote repositories
  • • Context variables
  • • Monitoring and debugging Jobs
  • • Wrap up and voucher distribution
Big Data Essentials | Part 2: Read, Write, and Process SOLD OUT
An experienced Talend instructor will lead you through hands-on practices so you’ll be able to:
  • • Create standard Jobs to read and write data on HDFS
  • • Create standard Big Data Jobs to process data saved in HDFS
Partner Summit
Join Talend leaders and partners for an afternoon of interactive learning sessions with Talend sales, product, and marketing teams. We’ll give you market insights and perfect pitches to better position our products and services to your customers.
DI Developer Certification Exam
Registration Opens | Breakfast, Sponsored by Amazon
Welcome and Introduction | Chris Taylor, VP, Corporate Communications
Mike Tuchen, CEO of Talend
Keynote | How Streaming Data and Serverless Will Transform Your Business
Real-time streaming data and serverless computing are poised to reinvent IT's role. Mike and the Talend team will unveil new capabilities that will allow customers to take advantage of the latest developments in these areas. The session includes hands-on examples that the audience can immediately apply to their work.

Mike Tuchen, CEO, Talend
Keynote | Roadmap Overview
The cloud is changing the data landscape with new applications and technology. In this session you will learn about Talend’s 2018 roadmap and how Talend is changing the game for data integration and management to deliver more value to more users across your organization.

Ciaran Dynes, SVP Products, Talend
Keynote | Transforming Analytics with Microsoft Azure and Talend
Data is transformative. But data is also in inconsistent structures, in functional silos, and increasingly inaccessible. Join Microsoft and Talend to find out what’s possible when you build the data platform for all your data: structured, unstructured or streaming. In this session, learn how you can build transformative solutions like Modern Data Warehouse, Advanced Analytics, and Real-Time Analytics.

Dandy Weyn, Worldwide Compete Strategy Leader, Data and Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft
Matthew Glickman is speaking at Talend Connect
Keynote | Talend and Snowflake: Building a Governed Cloud Data Warehouse for Rapid Analytics
Why is it so hard to collect data for rapid analytics? Conventional data warehouses and big data solutions simply were not built for it. In this session, you will learn how Snowflake’s cloud-native data warehouse and Talend’s next-gen big data cloud integration solution work together to make data available faster and more easily for advanced analytics, without compromising data governance and data quality.

Matthew J. Glickman, VP of Customer and Product Strategy, Snowflake
Breakout Session 1
BUSINESS TRACK | How McDonald's Moved to the Cloud – Sponsored by AWS
McDonald's digital transformation is also transforming their financial fortunes. A huge part of that transformation is the ability to innovate and adopt new technologies that delight their customers and make the company more competitive. Find out how McDonald's leveraged moving to the cloud and modern data integration to radically change the way they do business.

Presenter: Abhi Bhatt, Director, Data and Analytics
VISION TRACK | Modernizing Your Data Warehouse
Deploying your data warehouse in the cloud brings numerous benefits including driving innovation and lowering costs. Learn how customers are using Talend Cloud for their data warehouse modernization projects. You'll discover best practices and hear about strategies to create an agile architecture for advanced analytics.

Presenter: Aaron Swanson
TECHNICAL TRACK 1 | Intro to Big Data Processing in the Cloud
If you're new to the cloud, the differences between traditional ways of working and new ones can be overwhelming. Learn how Talend can simplify these processes, including ingesting data into Amazon S3/ Google Cloud Storage/Azure Storage, generating and deploying Spark Integration onto EMR/HD Insight/Data Proc, and how to start up, scale and shut down a cloud Hadoop instance.
TECHNICAL TRACK 2 | Build Great APIs with Talend
Organizations need to build more and more APIs. But they are facing many challenges: How can they deliver a good experience to the API consumer? How can they ensure the quality and reliability of their APIs? How can they scale API creation? Talend can help. Learn how in this hands-on session.
Breakout Session 2
BUSINESS TRACK | How AstraZeneca Transformed Their Business at Scale
The healthcare industry has undergone dramatic transformation in the last few years, and to keep pace, AstraZeneca needed to shift its product strategy and transform its IT and finance functions. Find out more how AstraZeneca built innovative data platforms to support a globally distributed digital pharmaceutical company.

Presenter: Simon Bradford, Senior Data and Analytics Engineer
VISION TRACK | Making Real-Time Real
Business happens in real-time, and your analytics need to as well. Streaming data ingestion makes that possible. Come hear more about the next big thing from Talend in real-time.

Presenter: Christophe Toum
TECHNICAL TRACK 1 | Intro to Microservices with Talend
Everybody's talking about microservices. But how can you actually make this architecture work for your business? Learn how to use Talend to develop and integrate microservices, and find out tips, tricks, and best practices from our Talend expert.
TECHNICAL TRACK 2 | Monetize Your Data and Impress Your Boss
You know you're a rockstar — it's time to highlight your data efforts as a strategic asset and profit center for your organization. This session will uncover what C-levels want out of data — insights into new revenue streams, competitive intelligence, increased profits, sustained customer value — and will help you communicate these outcomes in an understandable way.
Breakout Session 3
BUSINESS TRACK | Big Data Therapy
New and constantly emerging technologies in the fast paced world of Big Data are a challenge to our old ways of thinking. Join this interactive therapeutic session with a seasoned Big Data Expert to learn and discuss key areas that nobody else wants to talk about.

Presenter: Goutham Belliappa, AI & Data Practice Lead, Capgemini
VISION TRACK | Make Data Better Together with Machine Learning
Business can't wait to turn data into insights, which means they often can't wait for IT. But that increases the risk of bad data and inaccurate results. Learn how IT can engage the business to accelerate data integration, build perfect, trusted, and compliant data; and increase data usage and time-to-insight.

Presenters: David Talega with Jean-Michel Franco
TECHNICAL TRACK 1 | Lessons from the Road: How Lenovo Handles Containerization and Microservices
In this session, Lenovo will do a deep dive into their containerization project on AWS for deploying Talend services. We'll learn what worked, what didn't, and get a definitive answer on AWS Lambda vs AWS Fargate.
TECHNICAL TRACK 2 | Tips and Tricks for Transforming Complex JSON and EDI
Join us for a walkthrough of transforming JSON, EDI, HL7, Avro, and Parque files using Talend Data Mapper. There will be a demo of consuming a complex JSON document to create a relational output dataset and converting a relational data set into a complex JSON document.
Breakout Session 4
SOLUTION BAR | Sponsored by Knowledgent
Mingle in the expo area to learn about the latest from Knowledgent and get to know our solution providers. You’ll have a chance to ask questions, meet other Talend users, and greet the day’s presenters.
HANDS-ON SESSION | Stop Cloud Data Swamps With Data Vaults
Nobody wants their data lake to turn into a data swamp. You can avoid this with a data vault. We'll explain data vault basics, how to use them, and how companies that use them benefit. We'll also walk through how you can set up a data vault with Talend.
HANDS-ON SESSION | Lessons from the Road: How McDonald's Moved to the Cloud
McDonald's represents one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. Their supply chain is almost incomprehensibly large; the journey to deliver fresh fries to you today had to be planned 600 days ago. They consider themselves one of the world's largest tech companies that also happens to serve burgers. Attend this session if you'd like to hear how this corporate giant moved its infrastructure entirely to AWS, and hear about the things that they wish they would have known and lessons they learned throughout the whole process.
5:30 - 7:30
EVENING RECEPTION | Sponsored by Microsoft
A perfect way to end your day! Mingle and network over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while you enjoy fun games and cool demos.
Registration Continues | Breakfast, Sponsored by Amazon
Steve Singh is speaking at Talend Connect
Keynote | The Future of Containerization with Docker
Docker has made its name in containerization, and has been at the forefront of the agile software development movement that has transformed enterprise software. Join its CEO, Steve Singh, to hear his insights on industry trends and how they'll shape the future of software.

Steve Singh, CEO, Docker
Keynote | Practice the Art of Data: Lessons Learned from Health Sciences by Knowledgent
Putting more data to work for the business faster is the key to success in every industry. In healthcare and life sciences, it’s even more vital, because trusted data might save lives. But since these companies are saddled with legacy systems and are facing data sprawl, they need a different approach to getting value out of their data. Knowledgent will reveal how the right mix of Cloud, Big Data, and MDM in health sciences can liberate data for better medicine and the well-being of all.

Christopher Blotto, Chief Informationist - CIO, Knowledgent
Business intelligence
Keynote | Customer Panel
The emergence of data-driven business intelligence has inspired many companies to extract valuable insights out of their enterprise data. But the world of big data and data integration is evolving faster than ever. Learn how Talend customers are staying ahead of the curve by using our solutions to put their data to work, and experiencing great outcomes as a result.

Steve Brennan, Carhartt
Joseph DosSantos, TD Bank
Steven Allen, First Data
Andy McPhee, AstraZeneca
Breakout Session 1
BUSINESS TRACK | How Carhartt Built a Customer 360
Carhartt, a global premium workwear brand, has been connecting with its customers for over 100 years. They stake their business on it. In this session, find out how they thrive in an increasingly omnichannel world by integrating data and systems to build a more complete and securie picture of their customers.

Presenter: Steve Brennan, VP Data Strategy and Analytics
VISION TRACK | Deploying to the Cloud with Talend Containerization, Sponsored by Amazon
Containerization is key to dramatically reducing runtime costs and DevOps cycles in order to increase business agility. Learn how Talend customers are using containers today, see how containers can be deployed with cloud providers, and learn more about the Talend product roadmap for this area.

Presenter: Ed Ost
TECHNICAL TRACK 1 | A Beautiful Friendship: Machine Learning and Talend
You may not know, but there are a ton of things you can do with Talend and Machine Learning. Come learn how you can collect data, train a machine learning model, and then validate model. Lastly, you’ll learn how to operationalize trained models to start creating insight.
TECHNICAL TRACK 2 | Getting Started with Streaming Data
Trying to decide between lambda or kappa for your next architecture? Want to understand how Talend fits into the equation? Join us and find out more about the next big thing from Talend in real-time.
Breakout Session 2
BUSINESS TRACK | A Big Data Analytics Journey at TD Bank
TD Bank is a top 10 North American Bank delivering a full range of financial services including personal banking, credit cards, commercial banking, and insurance and is famous for their customer experience. Learn about the multi-year journey that the big data analytics team took to deliver customer analytics that drove an amazing experience for customers across all of TD Bank’s channels.

Presenter: Joe DosSantos, VP, Enterprise Information Management
VISION TRACK | Reduce Your Data Integration TCO with Bitwise and Talend
Organizations are seeing a critical need to shift from legacy ETLs and stored procedures to a modern data management and governance platform like Talend. The process to migrate ETLs has traditionally been manual and very labor intensive, but it doesn't have to be that way. Learn how Bitwise delivers predictable ETL conversion with up to 70% automation, and how they helped a leading retail chain identify an estimated 33% reduction in TCO for data integration platforms by migrating to Talend.
TECHNICAL TRACK 1 | Introduction to Data Quality, Data Stewardship with Talend
Traditional DQ approaches simply can’t keep up with massive data volumes and so many data types. Learn how to leverage the cloud to deliver data quality across your data pipelines, turn anyone into a data steward with smart software, and cut the costs as well as extract deeper insights with machine learning.

Presenter: David Wilmer
TECHNICAL TRACK 2 | Lessons from the Road: How AstraZeneca Built a Reusable Test Harness
In this session, AstraZeneca shares how they built a reusable test harness for Talend. They’ll go into details on how they solved it, what worked, what didn’t, and lessons learned.
Breakout Session 3
BUSINESS TRACK | Centralizing Data with a Modern Data Architecture at Stericycle
Through acquisitions, Stericycle, the largest medical waste recycling company, had 400+ applications on 3000+ servers across 50+ data centers worldwide. Stericycle’s goal is to rationalize to less than 40 applications by leveraging a Modern Data Architecture to consolidate disparate sources into a single scalable Cloud Data Lake platform. Clarity Insights is supporting this transformation process with our data ingestion and transformation frameworks, built in Talend, to accelerate the data consolidation process from 50+ disparate source systems.

Presenters: Ramu Kalvakuntla, Sr. Principal, Technical - Big Data Practice, Clarity Insights and Jerry Pancini, VP of Application Development & BI, Stericycle
VISION TRACK | Delivering Analytics at Scale with a Governed Data Lake
Data privacy is on everyone's mind right now. Regulations such as GDPR, as well as public sentiment, mean that governance and compliance are must-have capabilities for data lakes. Learn how to curate meaningful data from your data lake, accelerate governance and compliance, and enable your organization with searchable, trusted datasets.
TECHNICAL TRACK 1 | Tips and Tricks for REST Web Services, oAuth2 and Pagination
It's becoming more common to use REST APIs from companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. But to do that, you'll need to know how to handle oAuth2 and Pagination. Come learn how this can be accomplished with Talend’s REST components.
TECHNICAL TRACK 2 | Best Practices for Using Containers with Talend
If you want to use cloud resources in an agile way with DevOps, you need containers. Learn how to apply DevOps provisioning for Talend integration infrastructure with AWS Cloud Formation. Then use that infrastructure to deploy Talend Jobs to containers running in AWS.

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Bitwise is your ‘Go-To Partner’ for moving legacy ETL tools to Talend. Our ROI Assessment provides a detailed migration roadmap and TCO estimate, and we deliver up to 70% automation in the conversion and validation process. With our Talend COE, we can provide expert services for all your strategy, implementation, testing, upgrade and support needs.

Knowledgent’s Kartridge MDM 360 provides an intuitive, self-service experience for your business teams. Business users can find the right data, understand data quickly, manage requests for data access, and work with disparate information in a self-service, collaborative user interface.

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