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dark blue rectangular background dotted with bright blue, circular, faceless avatars and a partial fingerprintdark blue rectangular background dotted with bright blue, circular, faceless avatars and a partial fingerprint

When and why to trust SCIM, SSO JIT, and SSO Role Mapping

By Jean-Claude Kuo
If security and compliance concerns have blocked efforts to move your organization to the cloud, it’s time to reevaluate. Examine modern cloud security by looking into the user access management capabilities in the latest release of Talend in the cloud.
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The AI paradox & the importance of human-led automated intelligence

By Talend Team
The more we automate data analytics, the more work is required of humans to cover edge cases, provide high-level scrutiny, and put meaning behind the insights.
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Balancing data sharing and compliance is hard - but it doesn't have to be

By Kensuke Ishii
Achieving data excellence doesn't have to be hard - here's how to balance sharing data while keeping compliant.
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5 steps to master the data governance maturity curve

By Davide Pelosi
The data ecosystem is transforming - here's the five key steps to a successful data governance journey.
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Several people joining hands around a tableSeveral people joining hands around a table

Power to the people – creating trust in data with collaborative governance

By Talend Team
Your employees need access to data - and you need to keep your data secure. Learn how to achieve both with a collaborative data governance approach.
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Cloud Integration 101

By Talend Team
Considering a cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud integration strategy? This is for you.
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Beyond complianceBeyond compliance

Talend’s COVID-19 Safety and Business Continuity Plan: An executive message

By Christal Bemont
In times of uncertainty, we will turn to those we trust for support. Our partners and our customers trust us and we are committed to fully supporting them.
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