Talend Badging Program

Are you ready to show off your Talend expertise? Start collecting your Talend badges today and share your success! 

The Talend badging program gives you the ability to securely share your verified technical skills on social media as you progress on the path to excellence.

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What is digital badging?

Digital badges are a digital version of your credentials, certifications, or learning outcomes that can be verified in real-time, online.

On your path to expertise, Talend awards you badges that recognize your level of technical skills, from Explorer to Expert. 

Badge holders can share them on social media, add them to their email signature, and embed them in digital profiles.

What does it take to earn a badge?

You earn badges by completing predefined learning activities in Talend Academy or passing certification exams. The list of learning activities and certification exams varies depending on your role and area of interest. On Talend Academy, you can learn the criteria for each Talend badge.

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