Talend Heads to Open Source Summit to Speak on Apache Beam and Apache Spark

Redwood City, CA - August 14, 2018 - Talend, a global leader in cloud integration solutions, announced today that two of its technology experts, Mark Balkenende and Alexey Romanenko, will be speaking at the Open Source Summit held in the Vancouver Convention Centre from August 29-31. The summit brings together developers, architects and others open source and industry leaders to cover cornerstones in open source technologies, help navigate open source transformation, track business and compliance needs, and delve into the newest technologies and latest trends touching open source.

Balkenende and Romanenko will be speaking at the event, offering insight into software solutions that enrich customer data and meet a software engineer’s demanding job requirements.

Details on Talend’s Featured Conference Sessions:

When: Wednesday, August 29 at 12:00 pm

Where: Room 118

What: Mark Balkenende, Director Technical Product Marketing at Talend, will present, “How NLP and Spark Can Enrich Your Customer Data in Salesforce.” In this talk, Mark will discuss how NLP can be used to enrich enterprise data and improve customer data quality. Attendees will learn how to build an automated data pipeline to train a model on sample data and feed that data model to an integration project using Spark and some popular NLP libraries.

When: Friday, August 31 at 4:50 pm

Where: Room 119/120

What: Alexey Romanenko, Open Source Software Engineer at Talend France, will present, “Apache Beam: The Solution for Portable and Evolutive Data-intensive Applications.” In this talk, Alexey will discuss how software engineers should consider not only the demanding requirements for scalability, operations, programmability and usability, but how they should also deal with the new requirements like 'real-time processing aka streaming' for latency, system portability for operations, support multiple programming languages and machine learning frameworks.

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