Talend Cloud Helps Streamline Kent State University’s Admissions Process

Enables speed and trust for analyzing application data in a hybrid cloud environment

Redwood City, CA - June 18, 2019 - Talend, a global leader in cloud integration and data integrity, today announced that Kent State University is using Talend Cloud to simplify its admissions process. Combining data integration, data stewardship, and application integration capabilities from Talend on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kent State is able to integrate ERP with CRM and other SaaS systems, streamline the admissions process, and shorten development time.

“Talend is a platform that helps us integrate multiple systems on-premises and in the cloud, put structure around data movement, and make data work for us,” said John Rathje, Kent State's vice president for information technology and CIO. “We use it to manage and understand data, and as a framework for capabilities like deploying a more structured approach to reporting and analytics.”

Using the cloud to streamline the admissions process

During the graduate and international student admissions process, Kent State receives data such as standardized test scores and lists of candidates from several sources. This influx of data left Kent State with many point-to-point integrations among different systems, both on-premises and in the cloud. To simplify the application and admissions process, Kent State needed to organize and integrate a number of data sources. To do this, the university needed to transition to a cloud-based environment and integrate all systems receiving application data.

In working with Talend, Kent State has integrated more than 60 systems, streamlined the processing of more than 6,000 graduate school applications, shortened development time with reusable components, and leveraged Remote Engines to access cloud and on-premises data. The university was able to, for example, integrate two major systems, CollegeNET CRM and Banner ERP. This integration prevents employees from manually entering the same information twice and syncs data nightly so changes in Banner are replicated in CollegeNET. Additionally, faulty data is caught early as the data stewardship capabilities in Talend Cloud eliminate the need for manually changing data in Banner, saving up to 20 minutes in admissions staff time per applicant. 

“With high competition among universities for qualified students, consistent messages are critical to recruiting success,” said Ciaran Dynes, SVP of Products at Talend. “Talend is happy to provide Kent State with integrated, high-quality data that enables them to identify and communicate with students more effectively during the recruiting process.”

Additional information on how Kent State is using Talend can be found here. For more information on other innovative customer use cases and Talend’s entire portfolio of solutions, visit www.talend.com.