Talend Announces Support for Delta Lake Open Source Project

Strengthens relationship with Databricks to help companies process data at scale in the cloud

Redwood City, CA - May 7, 2019 - Talend, a global leader in cloud data integration and data integrity, today announced it will support the newly announced Delta Lake, a new open source project from Databricks. Talend Cloud, a unified, comprehensive, and highly scalable integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), will natively integrate data from any source to and from Delta Lake, providing a reliable, unified environment for batch and streaming data at scale to enable a wide variety of analytical and operational use cases.

Talend Cloud will seamlessly integrate data to and from Delta Lake, leveraging its ACID compliance, Time Travel (data versioning), and unified batch and streaming processing. In addition to connecting to a broad range of data sources, including popular SaaS apps and cloud platforms, Talend will empower Delta Lake users with comprehensive data quality and governance features to support machine learning and advanced analytics, natively supporting the full power of the Apache Spark technology underneath Delta Lake.

“Data reliability in data lakes has prevented organizations from fully realizing the potential of their data,” said Ali Ghodsi, cofounder and CEO, Databricks. “ Delta Lake, as an open source project, provides a thriving environment for the community to create solutions that address the data quality challenges within data lakes. Talend has always been at the forefront of open source integration and we look forward to their contributions. Our continued partnership allows our joint customers to accelerate their data engineering and machine learning initiatives.”

Talend’s extended support for Spark connectors will provide several benefits to Delta Lake, including:

  • Better data consistency from leveraging Talend’s native data quality capabilities with Delta Lake ACID transactions
  • Easy rollbacks and reprocessing because of Talend’s integration to Delta Lake Time Travel and data versioning capabilities
  • High-volume processing at scale due to Talend’s support of the Delta Lake scale-out architecture

Delta Lake brings reliability to data lakes by managing transactions across streaming and batch data and across multiple simultaneous readers and writers. Delta Lake can easily work with any existing data lake, enabling organizations to gain data reliability with minimal change to their data architectures. As a result, developers can have hundreds of applications reliably upload and query data at scale.

“Talend’s support for Delta Lake is a natural extension of our expertise in unifying batch and streaming data for organizations,” said Mike Tuchen, CEO, Talend. “From our founding, Talend has always embraced innovative technologies that make it effortless to transition to modern data architectures. We are committed to continuing to help companies process data at scale in the cloud and Delta Lake addresses a significant gap toward optimizing analytics for massive data pipelines.”

Talend Cloud offers a single suite of apps for data integration and data integrity to help enterprises collect, govern, transform and share data. Within a single interface, companies can use data integration, big data integration, and data quality capabilities to provide trusted and governed data across the organization. Customers across all industries choose Talend Cloud for their cloud data lake and cloud data warehouse projects because it offers over 900 connectors and components, built-in data quality, native support for the latest big data and cloud technologies, and software development lifecycle (SDLC) support for enterprises, at a predictable price. Talend Cloud is integrated with both Azure Databricks and Databricks for AWS.