Omron Healthcare Selects Talend to Utilize IoT Data from Medical Devices

Global Healthcare Technology Company Connects Customers Vital Health Data in Real-Time to Offer Better Health Services

Redwood City, CA & Tokyo - July 12, 2018 - Talend, a global leader in cloud data integration solutions, today announced that Omron Healthcare, a Japanese leader in the healthcare devices and equipment sector, has selected Talend to support their data platform required for when users choose to have vital data measured on Omron's healthcare devices connected with various other systems.

According to IDC: “by the end of 2020, 25% of data used in medical care will be collected and shared with healthcare systems by the patients themselves.”[1] Therefore, there is a real need for healthcare companies to implement data-driven systems in order to integrate, process, and offer new services around sensitive health data. A high level of security and data governance is also mandatory throughout the data process, from collection through processing.

Omron Healthcare is actively promoting the use of Internet of Things (IoT) health medical devices . The company aims to provide an environment in which vital health data provided by their solutions can be connected to various health services and enable easy daily health management.

"One of our business approaches is to contribute to the realization of a healthy life for people by utilizing the vital health data obtained by OMRON devices,” said Naoto Ashida, General Manager, Data Healthcare Business HQ, System Development Department, New Business Development Global Center at Omron Healthcare. “Data integration and connectivity are important in supporting our vision of a healthy life. We selected Talend's platform as the foundation of this system because of its open source core, support for a broad range of data sources, and simple operability of its user interface."

Omron Healthcare adopted Talend as the foundation of its data integration architecture which is currently under development. Talend is an open source integration platform that enables enterprises to shorten the time to develop and operate a data project and  reduce costs. Omron will utilize the ETL processing and the enterprise service bus (ESB) technology which Talend offers to integrate vital health data via the company's health management application "OMRON connect." Omron will also build and operate a system infrastructure that connects vital health data in real time while maintaining high security.

“We are thrilled that Omron Healthcare selected Talend and we look forward to enabling more seamless data exchanges and facilitating information sharing between patients and medical institutions,” said Jason Bissell, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Talend. “Not so long ago health data was often under-utilized. Now health data is used to pave the way for future innovations in medical research or for greater transparency and exchange during the various interactions between patients and medical services.”

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 [1] IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Health Industry 2018 Predictions, October 2017