Trusted Cloud Data Lakes on AWS

Extract critical insights, accelerate innovation, and improve customer experience.

Modernize your financial services data architecture

In the financial services industry, it’s critical to have visibility to your data, be confident in its quality, and track its lineage. By integrating data from a wide range of sources into a cloud data lake, applying data quality, and tracking, you can make transformative correlations between data sets, accelerate your ability to innovate, and better serve customers.

Talend Platform and AWS solution benefits:

  • Ingest data from hundreds of sources into a data lake on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Process big data at scale using Apache Spark on Amazon EMR
  • Reconcile data and manage metadata
  • Gain visibility to what is in your data lake, track its lineage, and assess data quality

Process data at scale to speed up accurate reporting

Wealth management firm AMP Ltd. faced a challenge common to financial institutions: it needed to manage more data about its customers and ensure its reports were accurate and in accordance with regional regulatory guidance. Learn how AMP Ltd. built a data lake on AWS — to find data, assess its quality, and track data lineage. Today, AMP Ltd. is able to process 10 billion rows of structured and unstructured data in under an hour and ensure that the data in its reports for regulators is validated and correct.

Automate data visibility and data quality

Modernizing your data architecture helps you collect and validate data, assess its quality, and act upon it. Learn how AMP Ltd. to bring siloed corporate and customer data into a cloud data lake on AWS that everyone can trust. Use a single platform to track data lineage and assess data quality without hand coding, and generate trusted reports with all your data in a single location.

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For every dollar we spend on a data initiative, we are able to get 40$ in return.

Andy McPhee, Science and Enabling Units Data & Analytics Engineering Lead, AstraZeneca