Professional services for integration software deployment

Backed by years of experience, Talend Professional Services experts provide a wide range of capabilities from training and strategy through implementation support and adoption. Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Why Talend Professional Services?

Every Talend consultant is backed by years of experience, and has proven success with strategic and technical planning in a multitude of implementation circumstances. You will receive one-on-one attention and support that is guaranteed to see your projects through to a successful outcome.

Implementation Services

Talend Professional Services provide the strategic and technical insight needed to get your Talend solution up and running efficiently with a well-planned architecture in even the most complex of scenarios.


Talend experts provide mentoring and knowledge transfer to get the new architecture up and running quickly, following best practices. Talend also provides support to initialize one or two use cases so your organization can realize immediate and sustainable value.

Products: Talend Integration Cloud, Big Data, Data Integration, Data Quality, ESB, Data Preparation 



Recommended for more challenging implementations. Talend consultants will guide you through strategy development, initial implementation approaches, and transfer expert knowledge on best practices as well as how to deal with typical challenges and avoid common pitfalls.

Products: Talend Integration Cloud, Data Integration, Data Quality  

Strategic Services

Maximize your Talend investment with these adoption services that ensure your implementation is running optimally today, and as the landscape changes in the future.

Center of Excellence

Implement an optimized, centralized approach to manage data integration efforts, across the enterprise, with a focus on people, processes, and technologies. Talend consultants guide you through the Center of Excellence creation, and the structure and roles of the team.


Support and strategies for moving from legacy tools to Talend, on-premise or in the cloud. Our experts will quickly assess the scope of the migration challenge, and guide you through prioritizing job migration.

Strategic Architect Program

Maximize your Talend implementation with a Strategic Architect, your single point of contact in the Talend professional services organization. Strengthen your adoption and build your capabilities to fully leverage your investment in the Talend software.

Additional Offerings

Upgrade Planning

Ease the upgrade path to the latest version of Talend software. Consultants assist with planning and management of the upgrade to ensure minimal disruption.


Health Checks

Get an accurate picture of the current state of your Talend implementation with a 4-step plan that includes a functional review of your critical jobs, impact and risk analysis, and implementation of changes to your environment.

Contact Talend

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