Today, REST APIs power most customer experiences, progressively enabling businesses of any size to not only adapt to the cloud, mobile and IoT, but also to support their digital transformation and move towards more continuous innovation.

Evolving from a world of API gateways and application backends sitting at the edge of the IT system, REST APIs are now also powering internal and mission critical projects leading to a wave of microservices projects. Modern software is now primarily developed around REST APIs due to technical efficiency for distributed computing on the Web.

In addition, businesses also increasingly rely on DevOps workflows to streamline the collaboration between Software Development (Dev), Quality Assurance (QA) and Technical Operations (Ops) functions. IT teams are evolving towards more continuous delivery of software into production to support the increasingly shorter innovation cycles.

In this context, REST APIs are also providing a powerful way to organize the collaboration between various software project team members, allowing for example parallel development of client and server parts, or better coordination between developers and testers when implementing and maintaining automated test scenarios.

At Talend, we provide a REST Platform that helps DevOps teams quickly deliver microservices and more easily succeed in their API-First projects. You can learn more about each of these specific API-First use cases below.



  • API-First

    API-First software relies on REST APIs to efficiently distribute data & services across the internet

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  • Microservices

    Digital transformation often lead to break software monoliths into microservices exposed as REST APIs

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  • DevOps

    Continuously delivering microservices requires agile teams able to blend development, QA and technical operations

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