Turning Petabytes of Data into Profit with Hadoop for the World’s Biggest Retailers

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A case study for boosting financial performance

The challenge: PRGX Global, the world’s leading provider of accounts payable recovery audit services, had a legacy problem. As data volumes grew and unstructured data increased, so did the time to process the data, slowing the work of auditors. 

The Hadoop Solution: Working with Cloudera and Talend, PRGX created a high-performance data discovery and analytics environment that can rapidly process, discover, model, and serve petabytes of structured and unstructured data. Faster data, means faster audits and more money for clients, as well as new business opportunities for PRGX. 
Watch now to learn how PRGX:

  • Reduce developing processes in Hadoop by at least 40%
  • Cease hand coding Hive QL
  • Boost performance 9-10x
  • Cut storage costs by 1/4