3 Steps to Turning CCPA & Data Privacy into Personalized Customer Experiences

Your company’s success lies in your capacity to keep your customers’ trust while offering them a personalized experience. With the right Data Privacy framework and technology for your data governance project you will maintain compliance and prosper.

CCPA isn’t the first privacy regulation to impact virtually every organization that does business in the United States – it’s simply the one starting in 2020. As these regulations continue to expand and change, what if there was a way to turn compliance into your advantage?

Talend and Prolifics can show you how a strong, carefully considered data governance program can help you stay ahead of new regulations like CCPA, and also enhance customer experiences with trusted data.

Learn how a 3-step approach can help you:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance at scale
  • Deliver advanced analytics with trusted data
  • See how the data moves and be insight ready
  • Enable customer personalization for more accurate business insights targeted offers, and behavioral knowledge

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