Talend Data Stewardship High-level Demonstration

Data Quality and Stewardship are well-known pain-points in data-driven activities. To manage data governance, we must engage data users as citizens of the data, as they are the ones who know the data best. Thankfully Talend provides a solution, offering end-users the ability to quickly, easily and safely intervene: The Talend Data Stewardship Application. This tool gives business users and IT the ability to orchestrate data curation and create quality self-service campaigns. These campaigns can be used to assign data curation tasks to specific roles for the reconciliation, correction, merging, and arbitration of pre-determined data in a limited time.

Take a quick peek at the Talend Data Stewardship Application has and check out some of the basic features it has to offer.

| Last Updated: December 12th, 2018