Welcome to the Talend Data Integration Cloud series. This series was created to give you a solid foundational understanding of how to navigate Talend studio to enhance and publish jobs to then be executed within Talend Cloud.

We will set up Talend Studio to connect with Talend Cloud and explore how to use Studio to take advantage of the cloud environment features.

You will learn how to publish a Job from Studio to the Talend Cloud and how to enhance logging within the cloud for personalized results. We will also explore how to utilize the remote engine to access your on-premises data. Within this series I will be working with a sample project, available for download right from inside the home page of the Talend Integration Cloud web application, here under Samples.

I encourage you to download this sample project and its contents so you can follow along, and to look out for more videos as we continue to highlight Talend Integration Cloud features that will simplify your cloud experience. Let’s get started.