Welcome to the Talend Data Integration Cloud series. This tutorial will show you how to simply run a Job within Talend Studio and publish to the Cloud. Let’s get started.

In this example, I have a CSV file containing streaming results data, listing records capturing how much of each movie folks are watching. I want a Job that will pull in this data and filter out the records not generating royalties.

I encourage you to follow along with me by first accessing the Job “Video Viewers Watch Results Log Filter” from within the Talend Data Integration home page. The link to download the Job and all of its resources can be found within the Job description.

I’ve also already uploaded the necessary movie, rental, and streaming company customer log file to my Dropbox application. I’ll open the Job within Studio.

This Job retrieves the content of my streaming results “Logs CSV Input File” on Dropbox, filters out records not generating royalties, and uploads the results back to Dropbox. In this example, all parameters have been set except one.

Within my tDropbox connection component, between a set of quotes, I will paste in the value of my Dropbox token. I’ll now save and run my Job.

And within the Studio log, it shows me my run was successful. And, I can see that my new filtered data results have been sent to my Dropbox.

I can publish the Job to the cloud by right-clicking on the Job within the repository and selecting Publish To Cloud.

And, now I can open the Talend Integration Cloud web application, and my Job is already packaged and ready to be executed. I can just simply click Go Live and then select an option from the Dropbox connection drop-down. From the schedule panel, I’ll set it to run now and click Go, and my Job runs in the Cloud.

Now, you’re all set to run a Job within the Studio, publish it, and run it within the Cloud. Next, we’ll look at how to take advantage of context variables in the cloud.