Route to Gold: Know Your Customer

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A webinar with Forrester, TUI UK and Virtusa

In this on-demand webinar, Forrester Research analyst, Michele Goetz, along with Glyn Kiefer, Data Architect at TUI UK, Talend, and Virtusa, talk about the principles of design, strategy and implementation to establish a “golden record” of the customer. They also explain how to further enrich and augment this with big data, to provide the business with unprecedented insights.

Topics discussed include:

  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency across the enterprise with continuous access to a single unified view of customer data assets
  • Mastering all stakeholder information governing core transactional systems 
  • Leveraging Customer data into a personalized experience 
  • Integration with legacy applications 
  • Effective distribution of relevant data to end-users for real-time action