Master Data Management for Data-driven Organizations

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Customer data is everywhere. It can make or break a memorable customer experience, customer loyalty, and supply chain efficiencies. Master Data Management has established itself as a foundation for data-driven, customer-centric organizations, propelling them to new levels of performance in terms of customer acquisition, customer retention and overall profitability.
This survey from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) highlights best practices and lessons learned from those organizations:

  • Developing business cases based on clear and quantifiable business benefits and concrete operational outcomes
  • Overcoming the inherent complexities of MDM projects and aligning stakeholders on a common vision
  • Delivering on the promise of data governance by shifting the data accountability to the lines of business
  • Implementing an agile integration approach that can take advantage of each new customer data point
  • Fueling customer-facing applications with insights that can bring customers, employees or business partners experience to a new level