Guide to Machine Learning

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Improve your data management with the right machine learning strategy

With the rise of machine learning appearing across many day-to-day business functions –from search engines to photo tagging to self-driving cars– harnessing the power of this technology for business applications needs to be a top priority.

A key part of successful enterprise data management is creating a scalable machine learning strategy that starts with good quality data preparation and ends with valuable and intelligible data.

This guide will define what machine learning means for commercial use by explaining how to identify the common problems associated with data, how to prepare for a successful machine learning strategy and how exploring machine learning best practices will improve the way your data is processed.

As machine learning continues to address common issues such as lack of structure, unusual data points, predicting values and predicting categories, this guide will highlight what it takes to operationalize data into practical, maintainable solutions. This is particularly important in order to predict customer behavior more accurately, make more relevant product recommendations, personalize a treatment, or improve the accuracy of research.

From innovation and product development to customer service and healthcare, machine learning helps you transform your business with faster, smarter data.

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