Hadoop Hive Access and Integration Made Easy

Hadoop Hive provides massively scalable, fault-tolerant data warehousing on top of a Hadoop MapReduce storage and computation grid. Ideally suited to big data analytics, Hadoop Hive supports summarization, analysis, and ad-hoc querying of very large datasets distributed across a cluster of commodity hardware.

Talend, the open source integration company, delivers seamless Hadoop Hive support in Talend Open Studio for Big Data. The first pure open source big data management solution, Talend Open Studio for Big Data makes it easy to work with Hadoop Hive and to integrate Hive into your enterprise data flows.

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An Intuitive Graphical IDE for Hadoop Hive

Talend Open Studio for Big Data provides an Eclipse-based graphical integrated development environment that enables data engineers to design and build big data integration jobs in hours rather than days or weeks. By dragging graphical components from a palette onto a central workspace, arranging components, and configuring their properties, developers can quickly and easily engineer Hadoop Hive processes like:

  • Loading data into Hadoop Hive tables.
  • Performing ELT (extract, load, transform) aggregations in Hadoop Hive.
  • Extracting data from Hadoop Hive

Talend Open Studio for Big Data automatically generates the needed code, while enabling developers to view and access the code through the console interface. The data integration and transformation processes that you engineer in this way can be deployed as stand-alone jobs, executables, or services.

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Broad Hadoop Application Support

Hadoop Hive is not the only leading-edge big data technology made easy with Talend Open Studio for Big Data. Drag’n drop process building is supported also for Hadoop Pig (a high-level language and execution platform for analyzing large datasets stored in Hadoop-compatible file systems such as HDFS) and Cloudera Sqoop (which enables moving relational database tables into and out of Hadoop).

Hadoop Hive, Integrated Into Your Data Flows

To truly gain business value from Hadoop Hive and other Hadoop applications for big data processing, they need to be integrated into your broader enterprise data flows and data management strategy. Talend Open Studio for Big Data is the ideal platform for achieving this integration. Talend delivers more comprehensive connectivity than any other data integration solution, enabling you to move and convert data between Hadoop and any major file format, database, or package enterprise application.

As an open source solution, Talend Open Studio for Big Data is free to download and use under an Apache license. To support the growth and maturation of your big data management strategy, we also offer the subscription-based Talend Big Data Platform, which extends Talend Open Studio for Big Data with enterprise-grade features like load-balancing, high availability, user management, and SOA-enablement, as well as top-flight support services.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.