Talend’s Open Source Solutions for Data Loading and More

Data loading software has conventionally fallen into two broad categories: narrow, limited-use tools designed specifically for particular loading scenarios; or comprehensive, integrated solutions that couple support for a wide variety of data loading contexts with support for related operations such as data extraction, data conversion, and data cleansing. While integrated solutions have clear benefits for developer productivity and ease of management, for many organizations the purchase of such solutions from proprietary software vendors is prohibitively expensive, particularly in the current economic environment.

Talend, the leading developer of open source integration software, now enables any organization to reap the benefits of a comprehensive data integration solution.

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Full Functionality, Ready to Use

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration is a feature-rich integrated data management solution that you can download for free and use for as long as you want. In support of data loading and related operations, Talend Open Studio for Data Integration offers:

  • A fully graphical development environment that sharply boosts developer productivity.
  • Intuitive business process modeling that facilitates clear communication between business stakeholders and the IT group.
  • The broadest data connectivity of any solution on the market, with more than 400 built-in data connectors.
  • Advanced ETL functionality including string manipulations, automatic lookup handling, support for both real-time and batch-processed data loading, management of slowly changing dimensions, and more.
  • Support for an ELT (extract, load, and transform) mode that can process data in a set operation directly on the DBMS of the target database, to maximize data loading performance in high-volume, single-database scenarios.
  • A distributed deployment architecture that utilizes commodity hardware for cost-effective scalability.

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Seamless Migration to Enterprise Scale

For mission-critical enterprise projects, Talend also offers the subscription-based Talend Data Integration. Far less costly than proprietary software, Talend Data Integration extends Talend Open Studio for Data Integration with enterprise grade functionality such as team collaboration tools, reference projects, change data capture, time or event-based job scheduling, real-time data cleansing and enrichment, support for publishing any data loading or integration job as an SOA web service, and more. Talend Data Integration also includes technical support from Talend as well as access to Talend’s professional consulting services.

Both Talend Open Studio for Data Integration and Talend Data Integration are surround by a large and active user community that shares experiences, advice, and application extensions through platforms such as the Talend Forum and Talend Exchange.

Learn more about Talend’s open source data loading solutions from the many resources on our web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Data Integration now to get started on your data loading project.