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Why Use Open Source Data Integration Solutions from Talend?

It used to be that companies needing data integration solutions could only choose between developing ad hoc tools internally or purchasing expensive packaged software from one of the few traditional vendors that dominated the market. The emergence of Talend and its suite of open source data integration solutions have changed all that. As the benefits of open source have become clear to more and more organizations, Talend technologies have grown to be the most widely used and deployed data management solutions in the world.

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Put Data Integration Solutions to Work Today, at No Cost

Talend's flagship open source application, Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, is free to download and use under a GPL license. Unlike proprietary data integration solutions that require months or years of business case building and budget planning before providing you any value, with Talend Open Studio for Data Integration you can get going on productive data integration work right away.

And Talend Open Studio isn't trialware. It's a fully functional data integration solution that lets you quickly design, test, deploy, and monitor ETL data load processes and other data integration operations, all from a unified Eclipse-based graphical development environment. There are no restrictions on its functionality or on how long you can use it.

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Join a Community of Integration Problem Solvers

Talend open source data service solutions are at the center of a vibrant user community that freely shares know-how and helps to drive product development. While Talend's veteran R&D team ultimately controls the product roadmap, Talend software reflects the responsiveness to user needs that characterizes the best open source technologies. For example:

  • Talend's data integration solutions are very easy to use. Interfaces are friendly to the needs of business users and developers
  • Talend provides more versatile connectivity than competing data integration solutions, with built-in connector components that make it a cinch to read from or write to nearly any type of file, database, enterprise application, mainframe, or cloud data service
  • Talend technologies evolve rapidly to keep pace with the changing needs of the user community. For instance, our recently released big data solutions make it easy to work with leading edge Hadoop tools like HBase and Hive

Migrate to Enterprise-Grade Data Integration Solutions without Busting Your Budget

For organizations that want a comprehensive enterprise-grade data integration solutions, Talend also offers subscription-based packages that include round-the-clock technical support as well as enterprise functionality like tools for building SOA-enabled global data services including data quality management services as well as data integration services. Talend subscription packages cost far less than proprietary data integration solutions and pricing is based simply on the number of developer seats rather than on hard-to-predict factors like number of CPU cores.

Want to see how easy it is to work with Talend open source data integration solutions?

Learn more about Talend’s data integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Data Integration today and start benefiting from the leading open source data integration tool.

| Last Updated: March 5th, 2018