Business Management Process

Building a Better Business Management Process, the Open Source Way

For organizations aiming to improve their business management process performance, business process software can be an invaluable tool. Business process management (BPM) applications help companies analyze their current processes, frame and evaluate alternatives, automate processes that would benefit from automation, and monitor ongoing performance.

Despite the widely recognized value of BPM software as driver of business management process performance, many organizations have yet to capitalize on this technology, put off by the exorbitant costs of BPM solutions from the few major proprietary vendors. Talend knocks down this cost barrier with open source BPM software that extends the benefits of BPM to far more organizations.

Business Management Process Improvement Begins Today

Talend is the world's leading provider of open source data integration and application integration solutions. Our open source business process development solution is powered by Bonita Open Solution from BonitaSoft, a pioneer in the open source BPM market. You can download Bonita Open Solution for free and start using it today to drive your business management process improvement program. It's not trialware – it's a fully functional BPM platform that you can use for as long as you want through open source licensing.

A Powerful, Dependable Business Management Process Solution

How much are you really getting when you download free, open source business management process software? With Talend and BonitaSoft, you're getting everything you need from a BPM solution:

  • Comprehensive BPM functionality. Bonita Open Solution supports all facets of BPM from business process modeling and simulation, to application development and testing, to runtime execution, to monitoring and reporting that informs ongoing business process optimization.
  • Proven performance. Bonita Open Solution has been downloaded several hundred thousand times and now powers BPM at major global corporations and national government agencies as well as thousands of small and midsize companies.
  • Open interoperability. As open source providers, Talend and BonitaSoft are committed to open standards and interoperability. Bonita Open Solution easily connects to and interoperates with major database systems and enterprise applications, helping customers to improve their business data integration and business process integration.
  • Strong support resources. Bonita Open Solution is backed by robust web-based resources including comprehensive product documentation, tutorials, webinars, and community forums.
  • An option to extend. Bonita Open Solution users have the option to migrate seamlessly to the subscription-based Talend Enterprise BPM which includes world-class technical support as well as additional enterprise features such as team collaboration tools, business management process templates, and multi-tenancy support.

| Last Updated: March 2nd, 2018