Application Integration Solution

The Best Application Integration Solution is Vendor-Backed Open Source

When choosing an application integration solution for your organization, open source software has compelling advantages over proprietary products:

  • Interoperability, now and always. If your application integration solution is to deliver value not just now but well into the future, it must adhere strictly to open standards to ensure interoperability with an evolving mix of systems and applications. Because commitment to open standards is the very foundation of the open source movement, using an open source application integration solution is the surest way to "future-proof" your enterprise infrastructure.
  • Cutting edge technology. Because contributions to major open source projects come from broad developer communities with diverse experiences and perspectives, open source software tends toward innovation and enhancement at a faster pace than proprietary products.
  • Affordability. For any organization, and especially for small and mid-sized businesses, open source software is a much more affordable application integration solution than proprietary software – a key consideration in today's budget-conscious environment.
  • A community to leverage. The communities around active open source projects are valuable repositories of experience, expertise, and extensions.

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Talend: The Leading Open Source Application Integration Solution Vendor

Talend is the world's leading provider of open source data integration and application integration solutions. Several factors make Talend the best choice for open source application integration software:

  • Tested and production-ready. Each Talend application integration solution is based on mature Apache open source projects, and each solution is exhaustively tested by Talend and certified for mission-critical use.
  • Pre-configured for easy set-up. While Talend enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions encompass multiple underlying open source technologies, each solution comes as a single package pre-configured for use in a variety of production environments. With Talend's packaged solutions, you can launch your integration project quickly and efficiently.
  • Documentation, training, and support. Talend backs up its open source middleware with comprehensive user documentation and a wealth of on-demand training resources such as webinars and web-based tutorials. Talend also offers training classes and first-rate technical support and consulting services.
  • Tailored solutions. Talend has tailored solutions for every application integration requirement, from lightweight and flexible ESB software, to software specifically geared toward service enablement, to a comprehensive platform that supports all facets of building and administering service oriented architecture web services.

Learn more about each Talend application integration solution:

Learn more about Talend’s application integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for ESB today and start benefiting from the leading open source ESB tool.

| Last Updated: March 5th, 2018