This is the Talend Data Integration Cloud series. We created this series to help you use Talend Studio to enhance and publish jobs to then be executed within Talend Cloud.

Once you’ve downloaded Talend Studio, the next thing you need to do is fetch your license to get started.

Before using any credentials to connect Talend Cloud to the Studio, I’ll make sure to have the proper connectivity permissions. Within the Management Console, I can see that I have “Integration Developer” listed within my roles, so I now know that I’ll be able to successfully connect. I’ll enter my credentials.

I’ll also need to paste this URL to fetch my license. You can find this URL within the User Documentation.

Once I click Fetch, I’m given a confirmation notice showing me that my connection was successful. I’ll click Next.

I then need to select Manage Connections. I’ll add a local connection by first clicking the green plus sign. I’ll select Local from my repository drop-down, provide a brief name, and then enter my cloud user email. I’ll click OK.

Now it’s setting up a background file infrastructure needed for the Studio projects. I’ll select my new local connection from the drop-down, and choose to Create A New Project. Once I provide a name and click Create, I can click Finish.

That is how you fetch your studio license and enter the Studio. Next, we’ll learn how to run your first job in the cloud.