Welcome to the wonderful world of Talend Cloud! We are excited that you have selected our cloud solution and are here to help you begin your journey to the cloud. Now we will show you how easy it is to connect and integrate all your data and people across your environments. Let’s start with setting up your Talend Cloud deployment, so you can get up and running today.

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Log in to Talend Cloud

First, check your email. You should have received these two emails from Talend Support with important access information to start the cloud deployment:

  1. The first email contains your Talend Cloud login credentials, Talend Studio licenses, and links to helpful installation guides.
  2. The second email gives you Talend Support registration links, with detailed instructions on how to set up your Support profile. Setting up your profile will ensure smooth interactions with the Talend Technical Support team going forward.

Do not delete these emails, just in case you want to refer to them later. If you didn’t get two emails from Talend Support, send an email to customersuccess@talend.com to let us know.

Access Free Cloud Resources

In addition to the resources listed on the Getting Started page, Talend offers several free resources to help ensure your cloud deployment goes as smoothly as possible. These links can be accessed from the Customer Success website:

  • Architect Sessions: Talend architects are continually delivering webinars on a variety of helpful topics, including best practices for optimizing your Job designs. You can see a schedule of upcoming webinars and access any past webinars on-demand.
  • Documentation: This is our Talend Cloud Help site, where you will find the “Getting Started” guide, installation guides, more best practices, and release notes.
  • Training Guide: Talend maintains an extensive cloud deployment training catalog that includes instructor-led free tutorials on-demand, as well as a certification path.
  • Community: Thousands of Talend customers and employees interact and share information about Talend Cloud and other services here. If you have a question that can’t be answered on the Help site, someone in the Community may have asked it and answered it, so add the Community site to your bookmarks because it can be very helpful for future reference.

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The Journey to a Successful Cloud Deployment

We have outlined the steps necessary to ensure that you have a successful deployment of Talend Cloud. The Getting Started with Talend Cloud guide will walk you through these steps in detail. Here is a preview:

Step 1: Prepare Properly to Start off on the Right Foot

  • Use your Support License to create a profile in the system.
  • Schedule a live session with a Talend architect to review your plans and get expert advice on how to deploy your cloud solution.
  • To schedule this session, you can respond to your personal email invitation or send a scheduling request to customersuccess@talend.com
  • Use the free training in the Customer Success site to learn the basics of cloud deployment.

Step 2: Get Hands on and Explore Your Cloud Product

  • Login to Talend Cloud
  • Download Talend Studio
  • Import and run the demo

Step 3: Sample Talend in Your Environment by Building a POC

  • Build a sample job in Talend Studio
  • Create connections in the Cloud or on-premise
  • Publish your job to the Cloud

Step 4: Prepare for a Production Run of your Talend jobs

  • Define context variables and parameters
  • Using the guidance you received from your live session with the Talend architect, use your remote or cloud engine for deployment
  • Determine your environment and workspaces

Step 5: Operationalize your Cloud Deployment

  • Set up notifications
  • Promote to production

Recommended Training

Talend also offers a variety of training opportunities that include both free and paid classes, and live, instructor-led, or on-demand sessions. We recommend that you set aside at least a half day to view the free, on-demand Introduction to Talend Studio class, an eight-part tutorial series. There are also full-day classes for both Talend Data Preparation Cloud and Data Stewardship in the Cloud

Professional Training

In addition to the free and self-service resources, Talend offers a variety of Professional Services. One important offering is the Cloud Quickstart. This program is designed to get you up to speed with your cloud data integration jobs in five days. It provides both installation and configuration instructions and an overview of the core capabilities involved with working with your own data. Contact customersuccess@talend.com about the Quickstart program.

Cloud Professional Services Quickstart program

In addition to the Quickstart, there are a variety of programs and custom options to help you with your cloud deployment, ranging from short, tactical engagements to longer-term strategic relationships. A few of the services are listed in the table below.

Talend's Cloud Professional Services detailed inf ull

Customer Support

The Talend Support Team is also an essential resource you can leverage at any time during your Talend Cloud deployment and execution. You will get helpful, multi-lingual support online, via email, or by phone. One of the emails you received when you signed up for Talend Cloud contains your support credentials with instructions on how to set up your profile.

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Your Cloud Deployment Support Scope

You should also be aware of what types of requests Talend Support is equipped to handle, and what things might fall outside of the general scope. Here are the kinds of support you can receive through the help ticket process:

In-scope support generally covers product issues and general how-to questions, including:

  • Diagnosis and resolution of product defects
  • Installation and migration issues
  • License questions
  • Delivery and installation of patches

Help with the following types of requests fall out of scope but check out the Talend Customer Success site for more information:

  • Job design or optimization
  • Custom code development or debugging
  • Technology preview features
  • System and network design
  • Installation or migration walkthroughs

Welcome to the Cloud

Again, welcome to Talend Cloud. Our Customer Success Support team is here to help you along your cloud deployment journey so you can enjoy all of the benefits that the Cloud has to offer.