This quick tutorial will show you how to take the license file that you received in an evaluation email and import it into Talend Studio when you bring it up for the first time.

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I’ve installed Talend Studio in a directory called “Studio,” and that’s where I’ve navigated to.

talend license file

Double click the application file that goes with the server that it is running on, and this is the license set up.

talend license file

I want to browse for the file. The import license is used when you’re using Talend Administrative Center, which we’re not using today. Instead, simply browse for the license file on the desktop.

Studio will confirm that it’s a valid license as long as it’s not expired from the date that you downloaded it. Click Okay and it will go ahead and start the Studio where you will establish your connection and workspace, as well as the project or import projects that will start up next.

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