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There is more data available to the enterprise than ever before. An almost incomprehensible amount of data is created from a dizzying array of sources every day. And data-driven business intelligence is often the competitive differentiator between organizations. In order to extract value out of that data, companies need a data integration strategy to make sure that data is accessible to employees that need it. But companies also need to ensure that those using the data can actually trust it. Great data integration means nothing if the data isn’t good quality.

Why Providing Trusted Data Is Critical For Business

The old adage — garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) has never been more true. Poor data quality adversely affects all organizations on many levels, while good data quality is a strategic asset and a competitive advantage. But data quality issues are rampant. On average, nearly half of newly-created data records have some kind of critical error. Getting data you can trust out of the enormous amount of available data has to be more than a matter of choosing the right tools; it also involves changing the way your company thinks about and manages data.

Providing Trusted Data With Proven Systems and Tools

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