Data Governance Team Roles

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Data roles in most organizations have been radically evolving over the last few years. They are clearly shifting from centralized IT to decentralized positions situated in departments throughout the business. This means that organizations must embrace collaboration as a way to better govern data

Setting Up Your Data Governance Team With the Right Roles  

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all perfect model of the data governance team.  The roles on your data governance team should include specific skills and expertise to understand both compliance with data regulations and data management in order to effectively implement your data strategy.  

This eBook helps you find the right balance between data access and control to ensure data protection and improve data curation. You’ll learn what the right roles to have on your data governance team are, based on the level of collaboration in your data governance framework.  

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  • The roles and responsibilities of CDOs, DPOs, data scientists, and more
  • What happens when control shifts from IT to the lines of business
  • The benefits of a collaborative approach to data governance

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