The Challenge Of Moving Historical Data To The Cloud

Talend, Inc. has been named as an Advanced Big Data Partner within AWS. It is an open-source Big Data integration company that has recently gotten into cloud integration. Ashwin Viswanath, director of Product Marketing at Talend, tied these two aspects together by looking at the impact cloud is having on Big Data. The company was founded in France in 2006. Presently, Talend has several R&D labs in Europe.

Viswanath spoke with Jeff Frick (@JeffFrick) and Lisa Martin (@Luccazara), cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, at AWS Summit 2016 in Santa Clara, CA. He remarked that cloud helps scale in a cost-effective way. Clouds can process and house data. With AWS, companies can do both for cheap, he said, and predicted that as more companies “see the power of cloud to scale up Big Data,” the industry will see more cloud converts.

Phasing out data warehouses

Data centers are becoming outdated due to start-up costs and the sheer amount of time spent building the stacks. During a keynote, one AWS Summit speaker said, “Friends don’t let friends build data centers.” Viswanath’s vision of the industry’s trajectory is in line with this quippy phrase. He sees customers coming out of legacy and into cloud, both in the near term and further out in the future.

These transitions are not without challenges, though. Historical data is one that has a particular set of teeth. Viswanath emphasized that these moves are not overnight. Rather, companies will be faced with legacy store procedure and outdated schemas. These will need to be confronted and converted to more modern and cloud compatible schemas. Getting that data ready to work within today’s parameters will be a process, but one well worth it, he added.

Watch the full interview below, and be sure to check out more of SiliconANGLE and theCUBE’s coverage of the AWS Summit — Santa Clara.

| Last Updated: August 12th, 2019