Build a Data-Driven Enterprise

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Companies want to be more data-driven, but building a data-driven enterprise is more than just encouraging the use of data in decision making. According to this Gartner report, “Build a Data-Driven Enterprise,” data and analytics leaders must take the lead in developing data competencies among their organizations.

Building a Data-Driven Enterprise: Key Challenges

Digital businesses thrive on data and data analysis, but many enterprises find their ambitions to become more data-driven inhibited by old habits and behaviors. Data and analytics are still seen as secondary to business initiatives, and lack organizational focus on developing data and analytics competencies. In addition, in the race to become data-driven enterprises, companies take a very project-based approach to data and analytics, rather than developing sustainable analytics capabilities for the long term.

Recommendations for Developing a Data-Driven Enterprise

Download this Gartner report to learn:

  • How to construct a vision of a data-driven enterprise that makes sense to your peers and aligns with business objectives
  • Create an enterprise-wide data and analytics practice
  • Map data and analytics competency gaps and develop a plan for competency building

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