An Inside Look at How Top Companies Tackle Data Integration with Talend

In this white paper, companies like Groupon, Virgin Mobile, and more address some of the most common issues surrounding data integration projects today and demonstrate how they’ve emerged from the process more agile and empowered—without breaking the bank.


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Data Preparation Resources

How to Achieve Perfect and Compliant Data
The need to be data driven is exploding. Companies need to move faster with their information assets and empower their employees to work and collaborate with data. But there might be risks at unleashing data without proper governance, especially in times like these where data protection regulations such as GDPR...
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Enabling IT-Business Collaboration: What is Self-Service and Why Every IT Department Should Adopt It
Demand for data is dramatically increasing as enterprises become data-driven. IT is struggling to meet the data needs of the business, and as a result, data analysts are spending up to 80% of their time cleaning data. This situation makes it even harder for IT to enforce data governance policies....
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Making Today's Data Rapidly Consumable
On-demand webinar by Talend, Looker and Snowflake on Making Today's Data Rapidly Consumable.
Total running time 56:40 Mins
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New for Fall ’17: Data Preparation Cloud
In January, we helped you transform your data lake. Then we brought you big data integration on any cloud. It’s time for the next step: always on self-service for anyone, any data, anywhere.
Total running time 50:03 Mins
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During this online training, you’ll learn to get started with Talend Data Preparation.
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This document recaps the concepts and principles that will help you understand Talend Data Preparation Free Desktop.
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Sneak peak video of Talend Data Preparation
Total running time 5:03 Mins
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Cleaning up your data manually is like watching paint dry – mind-numbingly boring and an enormous waste of time. Here’s a hint ... a better way might be just a click away!
Total running time 61:20 Mins
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This new TDWI Best Practices Report examines experiences with data preparation, discusses goals and objectives, and looks at important technology trends reshaping data preparation processes.
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Everyone needs data to make smarter decisions. But data unleashed and ungoverned puts the whole enterprise at risk. With the latest breakthrough innovations from Talend, you can empower anyone in your organization to put data to work, without risk. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear about our latest innovations.
Total running time 58:44 Mins
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Data Preparation for Dummies
See how easy it is to introduce data as a governed self-service into your enterprise with data preparation and data stewardship.
Total running time 60:15 Mins
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What’s New for Data Governance in Summer ‘17
New features in Talend Summer ’17 help you build data governance into your integration process to make data both accessible and trusted. Now, you can delegate daily data quality operations to the people who know the data best.
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Big Data Integration across Any Cloud
Talend Summer ‘17 unleashes the broadest connectivity for the largest cloud platforms, so your data architecture can work for NoSQL, Big Data, cloud data warehousing, and storage across all of them.
Total running time 39:56 Mins
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Practical Steps to GDPR Compliance
A strong data governance program ensures that you have the policies, standards, and controls in place to protect data effectively and access it for decision making. Data governance may become one of the most important functions of your data integration architecture when it comes to data agility.
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