An Inside Look at How Top Companies Tackle Data Integration with Talend

In this white paper, companies like Groupon, Virgin Mobile, and more address some of the most common issues surrounding data integration projects today and demonstrate how they’ve emerged from the process more agile and empowered—without breaking the bank.


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Data Fabric Resources

5 Pillars for GDPR Compliance
Let Talend help you become GDPR compliant. Watch our GDPR webinar to help your organization prepare for this new legal requirement.
Total running time 53:44 Mins
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Introduction to Talend Winter 17 New Features
As many companies are increasing their data-driven efforts and looking to build enterprise data lakes, Talend Winter '17 helps you address inherent data quality, data governance and self-service access issues that can limit your projects potential. With Talend Winter 17, you can transform the data lake into qualified, clean data...
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O’Reilly Report: The Internet of Things Market
The team over at O’Reilly wanted to know, in the battle between Big Data and IoT, which trends higher in Google search queries?  The results in this report are surprising and exciting.  
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Big Data Integration across Any Cloud
Talend Summer ‘17 unleashes the broadest connectivity for the largest cloud platforms, so your data architecture can work for NoSQL, Big Data, cloud data warehousing, and storage across all of them.
Total running time 39:56 Mins
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Practical Steps to GDPR Compliance
A strong data governance program ensures that you have the policies, standards, and controls in place to protect data effectively and access it for decision making. Data governance may become one of the most important functions of your data integration architecture when it comes to data agility.
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