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Trusted Data for Everyone

Now that your data lake is full, it’s time to make the data consumable across your organization. That means knowing where the data came from, how it was cleansed and transformed, and who handled it.

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Know Your Big Data Platform

This on-demand webinar covers how to use the Big Data Sandbox to cut evaluation time for Spark and machine learning. See how native code generation and portability accelerate adoption of rapidly evolving open source innovations. 

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Geo-ETL: Processing Geodata with Talend

It is becoming more and more important for the public authorities, government agencies, or companies to combine the geodata from Shapefiles, sensors, GIS-Systems and Databases with domain-specific (or custom) applications. For extensive evaluations, web-portals and reporting needs, spatial relationships have to be analyzed in detail and visualized. 

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Architecting an Open Data Lake for the Enterprise

Learn how to reduce development time and innovate on AWS. Beachbody - sellers of fitness, weight loss, and muscle-building home-exercise videos - talks about their experience migrating to a data lake on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) using Talend.

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Getting Started with Data Integration

This on-demand webinar covers choosing a platform, setting it up, and creating your first job. Whether you’re designing a proof of concept or launching a new ETL project, our experts share tips and tricks to speed up your development and boost your productivity.

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5 Pillars for GDPR Compliance

GDPR has major implications for the IT landscape of every business. Companies are shifting away from data silos and closing down shadow IT to create a governed personal data hub and data services.

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